Here is what our clients have to say about JBM Recruitment:

"JBM distinguishes itself because they don’t simply collect resumes, rely on search engines or social media to find quality candidates. Instead, they draw on their JBM has a vast network of business contacts to identify talent."

Sr Director of HR Latin America,
- Ivan Torrico

"JBM does an excellent job of first understanding your business and then defining the talent needs to support your strategic objectives.”

Former Regional Leader U.S. Central Region
- Tom Vitro

"JBM has been the perfect partner to grow our HR Team. They blend in seamlessly and provide exactly what we are looking for. JBM is always spot-on with their understanding of our culture and needs."

Director Talent Acquisition
- Rachel Decker

"My experience with JBM as the head of Human Resources at Sparton Corporation was excellent. They offer broad talent sourcing and selection capability across all key functional areas and partner well with hiring managers and executives. More importantly, they took the time to understand our business and the critical importance of providing both technical skill sets and cultural fit with candidates. JBM is a strong talent partner."

VP, Chief HR Officer
- Larry Brand

"We have partnered with JBM for several engagements over the past few years, but most recently hired them to fill two executive level roles.  JBM far exceeded all of our expectations throughout the entire process and today, we have two incredible leaders that have gone on to do great things and expanded their roles to be involved across the entire organization.  I wouldn’t consider anyone other than JBM for our next organizational need!"

HR Officer
- Edward Dean

"JBM is one of the most professional recruitment companies I’ve ever worked with. JBM stands out because JBM truly took the time to understand our company’s mission and values and then found the candidates that best matched. We couldn’t be happier with the hires we’ve made with JBM’s help."

- Jim Emme

"JBM is not just placing an ad. They are going through their network and strategically recruiting. They also made it a point to really understand our culture. [JBM] continuously finds really high-caliber talent. I feel like they are extension of us."

Director of Talent Development & Corporate Communication
- Raleigh Decker

"JBM is an excellent, high-integrity recruitment firm that delivers.  JBM exceeds expectations and is intent on finding the right candidate with the right fit and the right skill set."

Human Resources Specialty Practitioner
- Catherine Kozul

"I am so impressed with JBM.  This boutique search firm has been a fantastic partner for RHR."

Director of Operations and IT
- Sarah Gilbert

"JBM delivers high quality candidates across functions in a very timely manner.  Their professional team exceeded expectations.  Total satisfaction was delivered multiple times over."

- Michael Thompson

"I worked with JBM Recruitment and they were an excellent recruiting resource that added value to our company."

Former Vice President of HR
- Cindy Strohm

"I would highly recommend JBM Recruitment to any client. JBM provided an immediate impact and tremendous value in each of the engagements we’ve partnered on."

Managing Director
- Kevin Tassone